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  • adj. Not compact.


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  • The blow-up of singularities usually produces noncompact solutions,and the proof of convergence to the blow-up limit always depends on Shi's derivative estimates; so Shi's work is central to all the limit arguments Perelman and I use.

    Quick note: Yau vs New Yorker

  • Xiong pioneered the study of the Ricci Flow on complete noncompact manifolds,and in addition to many beautiful arguments he proved the local derivative estimates for the Ricci Flow.

    Quick note: Yau vs New Yorker

  • Open/closed topological string theories for noncompact, local manifolds were solved in this century by Vafa and various collaborators (with Dijkgraaf: via matrix model; with Aganagič and others: using the topological vertex).

    The Reference Frame

  • Motivation comes from string field theory of the B-model (Kodaira-Spencer theory) for the noncompact case.

    The Reference Frame

  • It’s taking something noncompact and making it compact!

    Compactification in String Theory Part I: Motivation « Imaginary Potential


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