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  • adjective Not complex.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ complex


  • It was given her, also, to learn the true meaning of neighborliness, that kindliness of spirit which is stifled by stress in the crowded places, and stimulated by like stress amid surroundings where life is noncomplex, direct, where cause and effect tread on each other's heels.

    North of Fifty-Three

  • i wish that everything would just go back to the normal. how things used to be so simple and noncomplex because than i wouldn't be hiding so much that i feel. its not fun anymore. its no fair. why can't i have what i want. why can't i stop making people feel sad?

    hiosun Diary Entry

  • Check for any problems such as something blocking your long PCI slots When selecting a case, be aware of the form factor You want an ATX form factor because that is what almost all new systems are operating on Try to go with a screw free form factor because it will be easier to work with One equipped with fans would be optimal Three are three groups of processors; low end, average and high end The low end processor is okay for simple tasks Letters, invoices and other noncomplex applications can be performed on a low end processor If you do choose to go with a low end processor, realize that these are fast becoming outdated Average processors are faster and they are just a bit more expensive For a few extra dollars you will be able to access higher level applications without hassle This will provide more speed as well satisfying the average computer user High end processors are the cream of the crop They are expensive and usually reserved for those on the high end of the pay scale You will have high memory and no problem accessing complex CPU programs Memory is a vital element of your computer Spend the money and purchase the best you can afford If you don't, more than likely you will need to go out and repurchase a better processor later Also you will want to make sure you get memory that works with your system Get a video card that suits your purposes If you are a small business owner, go with a cheaper, jack of all trades card If you are building this computer for home use you might as well reward yourself with some perks Now don't go and spend five hundred dollars on a video card that a top financial institution might buy Purchase a card that provides just slightly more than you need, but not so high end that it cost as much as the rest of your hardware You have your mouse and keyboard, right?

    We Blog A Lot

  • At a time when the bar seems to have abdicated its responsibility to provide routine, noncomplex legal services to the poor and middle class, it could well be counterproductive to try to shut down one vehicle for serving those unmet needs. "

    Law That You Can Afford


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