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  • adj. Not confidential


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ confidential


  • Talking to a reporter on the phone (or in person) is about as open and nonconfidential an exchange as sitting for a live television interview or typing into a blog on a public, unrestricted website.

    Peter Scheer: Jerry Brown Aide Showed Bad Judgment, But Didn't Break Law in Secretly Taping Reporter

  • The news outlets and advocacy groups said that nonconfidential public records in the case "have been sealed unnecessarily and unjustly withheld from the public."

    Records Sought in AMD's Suit Against Intel

  • If the concern is that the reporters will be asked for truly confidential material, then the solution is to ask the court to bar such questioning, not to refuse to testify altogether, including about the clearly nonconfidential material.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Journalist subpoenas and dutiful citizens as “lap-dogs”:

  • The other deposition tapes from civil litigation are the nonconfidential portions of those tapes.

    CNN Transcript Nov 12, 2002

  • On Aug. 12, two days after Mr. Safir and the Mayor announced the new plan, Mr. Flynn reiterated the demands in a nonconfidential memorandum to Mr. Lopez.

    Safir's Plan to Police the Police Has a Loophole

  • • Make nonconfidential information about the business and the organization more widely available to people.

    Power and Influence

  • "It is essential to the creative process that outtakes - even nonconfidential ones - be generally protected from disclosure and that they be ordered produced only when they are truly needed for use in a litigation," he said, even if some of the outtakes are useful to those seeking them.

    NYT > Home Page

  • On the site, members register their credit-card number, and nonconfidential is then made available to designated friends, automatically showing what you're buying.

    Top Tech News

  • However, "[t] he protection afforded by the journalists 'privilege turns on whether the material sought is confidential or nonconfidential."

    Reporters Committee News

  • Gonzalez v. National Broadcasting Company, in which the court found that a litigant can only subpoena nonconfidential materials if they are of "likely relevance to a significant issue in the case, and are not reasonably obtainable from other available sources."

    Reporters Committee News


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