nonconfrontational love



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  • adjective Not confrontational; approaching a dispute indirectly


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ confrontational


  • U.S. S.NATOR CHARLES.S.HUMER (D-NY): And then you have major Republican figures like Colin Powell, a team player if there ever was one, not endorsing Bolton, John McLaughlin, number two guy until recently at the CIA, known as a nonconfrontational person, saying that he doesn't deserve to be there.

    CNN Transcript May 8, 2005

  • The Atlantic Monthly has been also holding been holding a similar series of profit-making "pay-for-play" dinners for six years, each sponsored by a different corporation, in which journalists and policymakers are brought together for off-the-record conversations in a similar friendly, "nonconfrontational" atmosphere.

    Eric Alterman: Think Again: Conflicts of Interest by the Wealthy and for the Wealthy

  • Ticos are some of the most friendly and nonconfrontational people in the world.

    Moving to Costa Rica

  • But, the article added, "he talks about the issue using muted, nonconfrontational tones engineered to avoid alienating gun-friendly voters."

    Gun-control advocates press White House for stricter laws after Tucson shooting

  • It was the Bennite idiom: tentative, nonconfrontational.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • With North Korea atop the agenda, the overall tone of the talks between the Chinese and Japanese leaders was upbeat and nonconfrontational, in contrast with the often rocky relations between the Asian giants in recent years.

    Japan, China Focus on North Korea

  • "We try to make it as nonconfrontational as possible, and it's worked."

    Naples Philharmonic Enters a New Era

  • "We try to make it as nonconfrontational as possible, and it's worked."

    Naples Philharmonic Enters a New Era

  • Many professionals, including Resolution, a collective of almost 6,000 lawyers across the country who are committed to nonconfrontational divorce, hope it will usher into law the concept of shared parenting, and back mediation, not courtrooms, as the place to settle disputes over children.

    Childhood casualties of the family courts

  • Ms. Yingluck's new defense minister is a former general who is viewed as nonconfrontational and is expected to work well with the military.

    Thailand's New Cabinet Holds Few Surprises


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