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  • adv. In a manner that is not conscious.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

nonconscious +‎ -ly


  • I told my mom the results of all my neuroscience research - that despite all her training, ads would always enter my brain nonconsciously; that those nonconscious responses end up priming my brain to favor certain brands; and that in order to overcome that brand loyalty, my critical brain has to battle it out with deep-seeded desires.

    Turnstyle: My Brain on Ads

  • Just as with any vision, once the picture is in sharp focus, you will nonconsciously marshal all the resources within you and without you to manifest that picture.

    The Answer

  • In a study published in Biological Psychiatry two Spanish researchers now document that both negative positive biologically relevant stimuli can be nonconsciously processed.

    Speedlinking 4/5/07

  • Some processing, however, may occur nonconsciously while others may occur deliberately.


  • Literally hundreds of studies in cognitive accessibility, semantic priming, evaluative priming, and other areas in social cognition provide conclusive evidence that mental processes can and do operate nonconsciously and can be measured implicitly.

    The Situationist


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