nonconsensually love



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  • adv. In a nonconsensual manner; without consent.


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  • I did put a kibbosh in that relationship on having porn be used as foreplay (either with me or alone) in our sex life because when it was, I did experience a bleed-over of those dynamics in our sex that created a dynamic I really wasn't comfortable with, and made me feel like I was in some way also kind of nonconsensually being made part of the sexual dehumanizing of someone else. ...


  • S/he decided it was anger at Sharanna for forcing hir to feel that way nonconsensually.

    No Limits

  • He wasn't lured there by some crazy nut who bopped him on the head and took his life nonconsensually!!

    wench77 Diary Entry

  • It did take her intervening twice and saying "did you call me up to rant?", when actually I called her up to hear something, anything nice about myself (and that i rant at people nonconsensually is not helpful), and to listen to someone else's life so i would get out of my spiral of thought.

    wench77 Diary Entry

  • Ritual power exchange exists, and, in some societies, nonconsensually.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • With circumcision, one can debunk its safety by pointing to the infant mortality rate; one can attack the watered-down claim that nonconsensually slicing off a part of a baby’s dick makes “cleanliness” easier.

    Calling Bullshit on the War On Porn « Skid Roche

  • But let’s add a diabolical twist: my pleasure depends on torturing you nonconsensually.

    More Sex Is Safer Sex

  • They also claimed that under the law, rape could be penetration of orifice by any appendage so, technically, someone nonconsensually sticking a finger in a person’s mouth could be rape, just like someone nonconsensually sticking a finger in her vagina or a his penis in a person’s mouth is rape.

    False Rape Reports

  • • Respecting Limits: A fundamental ethic among kinky people is to treat limits as a sacred trust and never to violate the submissive’s trust by nonconsensually exceeding their limits.

    Come Hither


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