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  • adj. Not conservative


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  • A far more interesting problem than nonconservative systems though, is that of conservative systems, with discrete symmetries, such as those from quantum mechanics.

    Special Post: Noether’s First Theorem – Emmy Noether for Ada Lovelace Day

  • The divide and conquer approach taken by the neo-liberal spendthrift fiscally nonconservative government has managed to “unite” the right, whilst trying to divide the left enough to earn a majority rule.

    2008 September 13 « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • Well, before Mitt Romney gave up his own campaign for the GOP nomination, he called McCain a nonconservative and McCain called him a waffler.

    CNN Transcript Mar 27, 2008

  • Whether one is examining a set of nonlinear mathematical equations or analyzing the time series data from an experiment, the presence of self-similarity or noninteger dimension are indications that the chaotic behavior of the system under study is dissipative (nonconservative) rather than Hamiltonian


  • Tim Pawlenty or a nonconservative such as Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, a dreary or disgruntled convention seemed inevitable.

    Palin Fought for Reform in Alaska

  • You and everyone else agrees that Jews are prominent in the nonconservative movement.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Is Neoconservatism a “Jewish” Movement?:

  • CROWLEY: He's testing out themes, and it is not just what he's saying, but who he's saying it to, conservative groups, AKA, the people who vote in Republican primaries, the people upset with George Bush for, among other things, decidedly nonconservative spending, and the people suspicious that McCain's maverick impulses make him an unreliable ally.

    CNN Transcript Nov 17, 2006

  • Mr Dwyer who is trying to pass himself off as a conservativeonly way a nonconservative can get elected heremight not like that slogan but he knows who has his back in this fight.

    The coming Trench Raid on Tuesday the 18th

  • Bush won not because there is a right-wing majority in the United States but because the president persuaded just enough of the nonconservative majority to go his way.

    Philocrites: There goes the 'moral values' surge!

  • BLADES: You know, a lot of conservatives are finding this president to be a little more wild and nonconservative than they imagined.

    CNN Transcript May 10, 2004


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