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  • adj. not corporate


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ corporate


  • Visiting the smaller, "noncorporate" wineries has been our philosophy for years.

    Dessert-Wine Delights

  • The Treasury Department's corporate tax integration proposal would end the distinction between noncorporate and corporate tax systems for business income, with no deduction for interest and no taxation of interest, dividends and capital gains.

    Tax Reform Is the Swiftest Path to Growth

  • After 2013 the capital gains and dividend tax rates would rise to 20% from 15%, and the highest income tax rate, paid mostly by noncorporate businesses, would rise to 39.6% from 35%.

    The Cee Lo Green Budget

  • Filtering is easier for noncorporate BlackBerry users, whose data aren't as heavily encrypted, Mr. Smith said.

    RIM to Filter BlackBerry Content in Indonesia

  • Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, which follows strict gender separation, has some 700,000 BlackBerry customers, 80% of which are noncorporate, individual users.

    Saudis Ease on BlackBerry

  • Businesses are already required to report payments to noncorporate service providers that exceed $600 in a given year.

    U.S. Business Faces Burden From New IRS Rules

  • Second, reducing or eliminating the differential tax treatment between corporate and noncorporate investments means that investment flows are not channeled artificially by tax considerations and the overall productivity of the economy increases.

    Fairness and the Capital Tax Fetish

  • Also important are the biases among types of investments, depending on the speed of tax vs. true economic depreciation, against corpora te (vs. noncorporate) investment, and in favor of highly leveraged assets and industries.

    Time to Junk the Corporate Tax

  • I believe in supporting small-scale farmers with noncorporate models.

    Avital Binshtock: Tea, Green: Five Experts Serve Up Their Favorite Eco-Friendly Brews

  • Meanwhile, noncorporate customers are choosing to splurge only for special occasions.

    Hold the Tablecloth


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