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  • n. One who is not a dealer.


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non- +‎ dealer


  • You might try to find a nondealer mechanic to work on your car before the next big problem occurs.

    Me & My Car

  • The auction was met with notably strong nondealer interest, but still had to offer a slightly higher yield of 0.099% than expected.

    Investors Seek Safety in Treasurys

  • Some of the rise in nondealer trading likely reflects the growing prominence in recent years of computer-driven trading models broadly known as algorithms.

    Currency Trading Soars

  • The Securities and Financial Markets Industry Association said nondealer advisors should be expected to pay their fair share of the MSRB ' s expenses.

    Muni-Bond Dealers Fight a Fee Hike

  • " A major nondealer with huge exposures can present risks to the system, and that ' s what this exercise is trying to get at, " the official said.

    SEC Says Rules Would Hit Few Derivatives Traders

  • Regulators would be given authority to impose position limits and ban any nondealer from buying a naked credit-default swap.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » 2009 » July

  • Treasury auctions are frequently made or broken by the willingness of large, nondealer investors to buy -- the so-called "indirect bid."

    Economic-Strength Data,

  • Adjusted Current 4d of the 2008 form, but do not enter any nondealer disposition of property Earnings (ACE) less than zero. that occurred after August 16, 1986, but before the first day of the corporation's Example.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • Only the manufacturer has the code - and will not always provide the code to a nondealer repair shop.



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