nondeclarative love


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  • adj. Not declarative; procedural


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ declarative


  • In a world of hetero-normative, nondeclarative car designs, the Fiat 500 hits you like a wave of Jean Paul Gaultier Pour Homme in an elevator.

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  • In line with this study, cognitive psychologists have shifted their attention to another unconscious process, that which is responsible for so-called implicit, or nondeclarative, memories.

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  • Both semantic and episodic memories, whether linguistically expressed or not, usually aim at truth, and are together sometimes called ˜declarative memory™, in contrast to nondeclarative forms of memory, which don't seem to represent the world or the past in the same sense.


  • Riding a bike, recognizing faces, and juggling are examples of nondeclarative or implicit memories.

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  • The phone number is stored explicitly in declarative memory; the "forgotten" PIN is stored implicitly as a motor pattern in nondeclarative memory.

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  • Both declarative and nondeclarative forms of memory are divided into further subtypes, but I will focus primarily on a type of declarative memory, termed semantic memory, used to store most of our knowledge of meaning and facts, including that zebras live in Africa, Bacchus is the god of wine, or that if your host offers you Rocky Mountain oysters he is handing you bull testicles.

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  • The layout of the keyboard is stored in nondeclarative memory, unless you have explicitly memorized the arrangement of the keys, in which case it is also stored in declarative memory.

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  • * We have two kinds of memory: declarative memory (which is conscious, and contains facts and events), and nondeclarative, or procedural memory (which is subconscious, and contains patterns and motor skills).

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  • This long-term storage is further broken down into two categories: declarative memory (the recollection of specific events or episodes) and nondeclarative "muscle memory" (skills like riding a bike or driving a stick shift). Top headlines


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