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  • n. One who is not a delinquent.


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non- +‎ delinquent


  • So far no one has uncovered evidence that banks kicked nondelinquent borrowers out of their homes, despite robo-signing and other sloppy paperwork.

    A Real Robo-Signing Scandal

  • Launched in 1939, the study had a control group of nondelinquent boys who grew up in similar circumstances — children of poor, mostly foreign-born parents, about half of whom lived in a home without a tub or a shower.

    What Makes Us Happy?

  • In the 1970s, Vaillant and his staff tracked down most of these nondelinquent boys — it took years — so that today the Harvard Study of Adult Development consists of two cohorts, the “Grant men” and the “Glueck men.”

    What Makes Us Happy?

  • When passed, it would limit the amount of time that juveniles are detained for "nondelinquent status offenses," such as truancy, running away or violating curfew, alcohol and tobacco laws.

    James Bell: One Size Does Not Fit All: A Slippery Slope to Increased Juvenile Incarceration

  • This ten-year study looked at the criminal careers of five hundred delinquent and five hundred nondelinquent white boys from disadvantaged backgrounds in Boston and reassessed them at ages seventeen, twenty-five, and thirty-one.

    Eleanor Glueck.

  • It said an additional 22% of current nondelinquent loans would default after this year.

    Chevron, Abbott Take Their Share in $10 Billion Day

  • Speaking for millions of renters and nondelinquent borrowers, Mr. McConnell said that the vote "ensures that homeowners who pay their bills and follow the rules won't see an interest-rate hike at the whim of a bankruptcy judge."

    Cramdown Slamdown

  • The company also applied its published methodology updates to the nondelinquent portion of the transactions.

    Moody's Downgrades Bear Tranches

  • Illinois has two principal methods of removing nondelinquent children from the homes of their parents.

    Law In The Health and Human Services

  • Q Mike, the President told the student journalists that the nondelinquent loans had been reduced from $2.8 billion to about $20 million.

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry


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