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  • n. Failure to deploy.


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non- +‎ deployment


  • One senior Pakistani official says it's "" premature '' to speak of nondeployment until both sides prove they can build actual weapons, as opposed to mere test devices.

    Away From The Precipice

  • A scarcity of lines means that an army relying totally on rail requires a long time to deploy; the presence of nondeployment traffic on the lines can cause further delays.

    FM 100-61 Chptr 3 Strategic and Operational March

  • And those very difficult issues deal, first of all, with nondeployment of nuclear weapons and also making sure that such a deployment is not something that we will be preparing for.

    Clinton And Others At Nato Russia Founding Act

  • The Soviets first proposed fifteen to twenty years, with an indefinite period for negotiation about what could happen after this nondeployment period.

    Turmoil and Triumph

  • Such a nondeployment would be humiliating and would convey the dangerous impression that our marines were cowering in a corner and would not resist if attacked, I countered.

    Turmoil and Triumph

  • We have made clear for a number of months things that could be done in terms of nondeployment assurances, in terms of various protocols that could satisfy them that they were not under a nuclear threat -- that sort of thing.

    Background Briefing On South Korea Kim Visit

  • Russia has other reasons for negotiating subsequent strategic nuclear arms reductions, including reliable guarantees for the nondeployment of a U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe, Perkovic said.

    RIA Novosti

  • But the system was configured to recognize only deployments of 45 or more consecutive days so that nondeployment temporary duty assignments would not be counted.

    Air Force Times - News

  • This would involve de-alerting, and nondeployment, or nonactive deployment, maybe involving significant separation of warheads from delivery systems.

    Arms Control Association - The authoritative source on arms control since 1971.

  • On Aug. 1, in response to requests from mothers and military health care providers, the Army extended nondeployment status for mothers from three to six months.

    Local News from Gadsden Times


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