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  • adj. Not depressed.


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non- +‎ depressed


  • He also noticed that depressed patients were more negative and pessimistic about themselves and their performance than nondepressed patients.

    Red Flags or Red Herrings?

  • His results showed that depressed and nondepressed people did not differ in the frequency with which they had angry dreams.

    Red Flags or Red Herrings?

  • "Normal" nondepressed persons have what psychologists call "positive illusion"—that is, they possess a mildly high self-regard, a slightly inflated sense of how much they control the world around them.

    Depression in Command

  • Per NAMS: In contrast, the antidepressant bupropion Wellbutrin, which works in a different way from SSRIs, was found to improve sexual functioning compared with placebo in a small study of nondepressed women and men with desire and arousal difficulties.

    Staness Jonekos: How To Feel Sexy During Menopause

  • Doctors failed to spot depression in 20 percent of the cases; they diagnosed it in nearly 40 percent of nondepressed people.


  • And when the experimenters started to give subjects control over the light, the nondepressed people turned out to think that they deserved to win but not to lose regardless of the actual facts.


  • Even if the majority of the money spent on the drugs was for nondepressed people, he argued, the cost of untreated depression was so great that “treating everyone in the country with an SSRI would…provide a net benefit.”


  • Also, children with depressed moms may be drowsy, passive, more temperamentally difficult, irritable, less able to tolerate separation, and more afraid or more anxious than children of nondepressed mothers.

    You Raising Your Child

  • In another study, researchers in the Netherlands found that depressed, overweight individuals had more body image and eating concerns, lower self-esteem, and a higher body mass index BMI than nondepressed obese participants.

    The Life You Want

  • To the extent that the general public trusts psychiatry pundits, both depressed and nondepressed people will lose awareness that overwhelming emotional pain is the fuel of depression -- and that relationship dissatisfaction is a major source of such pain.

    Bruce E. Levine: Lost Common Sense about Depression: Relationships


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