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  • adjective computer science Exhibiting nondeterminism; involving choices between indistinguishable possibilities.


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  • "When you write a parallel program, it's easy to make a program nondeterministic, meaning where different outcomes, or logic paths, are possible," Reinders says.

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  • Experimentally observed violations of Bell's inequalities demonstrate that quantum randomness is nondeterministic, unlike its classical counterpart (or the digits of π).

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  • A logically equivalent, information-theoretic reformulation of this definition takes intelligence as those causal factors that induce a net increase in information as measured by the information measure I. Note that by a stochastic mechanism, here, I mean any causal process governed exclusively by the interplay between chance and necessity and characterized by unbroken deterministic and nondeterministic laws.

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  • D Stability is a metric in complex systems used measure how deterministic outcomes are if coefficients in the system model are adjusted; introduction of CO2 in a fabricated way shall create unknown and nondeterministic impacts to the stability of the system in a negative way

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  • And since the event causation that is posited is required to be nondeterministic, the view secures the openness of alternatives, even on the assumption that this openness is incompatible with determinism.

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  • A computational analogue of a strongly normalizing term is a (nondeterministic) program that terminates on every branch of computation, whereas termination on at least branch is akin to weak normalization.

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  • “Random” is a vague term that must be specified in context, whether it is about stochasticity, equi-probability, contingency, noise, unpredictability deterministic or nondeterministic, or other sources or characters of variation.

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  • The Internet succeeds because it is nondeterministic and unpredictable: The Net's underlying TCP/IP protocol makes no quality of service guarantees and promises nothing about the route a message will take or whether it will arrive.

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