nondimensional love


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  • adj. Not dimensional.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ dimensional.


  • Virtual worlds as social spaces do a little to bridge the disconnected nature of online communication with the more organic flow of face to face conversation by giving users some sort of (disembodied) embodiment in a (nondimensional) space.

    Well That Was Quick

  • * A key parameter in aerodynamics, Reynolds numbers—named after the nineteenth-century English scientist Osborne Reynolds—are a nondimensional parameter representing the ratio of the momentum forces to the viscous forces about a body in a fluid flow.

    First Man

  • BTW in the tree ring networks, they have all been standardized to nondimensional units (with a mean of 1). – so these neworks are different from more heterogeneous networks (although they are still pretty heterogeneous).

    A Red Noise Spaghetti Diagram « Climate Audit

  • Some individual friction-loss factors (cf; nondimensional) elbow

    10. Appendix

  • The raw values recorded by the accelerometers were converted into acceleration (m s To investigate modulation of the wing-flapping frequency throughout flying periods, a spectrogram of the dorsoventral acceleration was calculated by continuous wavelet transformation with the Morlet wavelet function, where ω0 is the nondimensional frequency, here taken to be 10 to best differentiate the time and periodicity domains of the body acceleration.

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