nondirectional love


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  • adj. Not directional.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ directional


  • You can tell if your tires are nondirectional by looking at the tread: if the tread pattern is equal in both directions, then you can flip them.

    Top 10 Tire Tips!

  • UBS derivatives strategist Mitchell Revsine advised clients this week to take a "long" volatility position, including some that are nondirectional in their views of the stock market.

    In Options Trade, a Muted Debt-Ceiling Reaction

  • At just over five hundred thousand kilometers, the alien emitted a single concentrated burst of nondirectional subspace radio energy.

    Chain of Attack

  • Was silenced again, during which time everyone with a psi rating of 9 or more experienced relief, for the nondirectional sound grated on the mental ears of the sensitive.

    The Rowan

  • Three miles off, the helicopter turned and swept across the target area, dropping three CASS buoys this time, which sent out active, nondirectional pings.

    Red Storm Rising

  • The anger remained nondirectional, simply swelling and surging in all directions at once.

    Alarm Clock

  • With the nondirectional, built-in mike, however, I could barely hear him.

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  • Overall option implied volatility of 45 is near its 26-week average according to Track Data, suggesting nondirectional movement.


  • "You told me that bass is nondirectional, so we could stick the thing behind the potted palm tree."

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  • They have therefore developed this alternative solution, which processes only nondirectional sounds such as ambiance and feeds them to the two height channels so that rain in a film now seems to be actually falling on the viewer's roof, and orchestral works have more depth, power and presence with the addition of the vertical component.

    Audiophile Audition Headlines


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