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  • adj. Of, relating to, or being a psychotherapeutic or counseling technique in which the therapist takes an unobtrusive role in order to encourage free expression and problem resolution by the client or patient.

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  • adj. Not directive


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non- +‎ directive


  • "These methods are often described as nondirective, because practitioners do not actively pursue a particular experience or state of mind.


  • I was initially wary of the organization, as I explain in the narrative, but was reassured by its nonprofit status, reasonable prices, and nondirective approach.

    World Wide Mind

  • She also taught the techniques for how best to heal from the disorder, usually through a nondirective approach based on retelling, playing, and drawing.

    Crazy Like Us

  • Yet if a woman sought unbiased, nondirective counseling about her options to continue or terminate a pregnancy, an objecting physician would not have to provide any information under this rule.

    Jessica Arons: Last Chance to Fight Hypocritical and Deceptive HHS Rule

  • This persuasive, manipulative emphasis has been seen in political tactics: withholding information, bluffing, making alliances, publicly supporting but privately opposing particular views, compromising, and using delaying and diversionary tactics.2 Participation is likely to be seen with general, rather than close, supervision; with the equalization of power; and with nondirective leadership.

    The Bass Handbook of Leadership

  • Professional codes of ethics for genetic counseling (e.g. the National Society of Genetic Counselors in the U.S.) emphasize the importance of value-neutral, nondirective counseling in all of these situations: the goal is for clients to make their own decisions based on their own values once they are fully informed about their options.

    The Human Genome Project

  • When providing guidelines, have you checked the tone to make sure the message is nondirective and inclusive?

    Evolutionary Leadership

  • Similarly, the therapist who directly or indirectly expresses the view that it is entirely up to the client to make decisions and choices (perhaps a more realistic version of the nondirective stance) is exerting a major pressure on the client who had hoped that the therapist would take some (or even all) of this responsibility.

    Planned Short-Term Treatment

  • Whether it is possible to be completely nondirective—as some therapies claim—is disputable.

    Planned Short-Term Treatment

  • The insight approaches emphasize clients gaining greater awareness or understanding of themselves, with the therapist largely playing a nondirective or guiding role in this process.

    Planned Short-Term Treatment


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