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  • n. An act or policy of not disclosing.


non- +‎ disclosure (Wiktionary)


  • In a telephone interview Wednesday, Ms. Miller said this so-called nondisclosure form was precisely what she had signed, with some modifications, adding that what she had meant to say in her published account was that she had had temporary access to classified information under rules set by her unit.

    Jay Rosen: Thanks for the Link, New York Times. Now Please Answer My Question.

  • A copy of the so-called nondisclosure agreement could not be obtained by --

  • A copy of the so-called nondisclosure agreement could not be obtained by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

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  • But there's also the issue of inducing people to break a nondisclosure agreement or share trade secrets, which is illegal, as Spillner notes to Gawker:

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • HILL: So, you can't -- I'm guessing you probably had to sign some kind of nondisclosure; obviously footage can't be out, yet.

    CNN Transcript Nov 27, 2009

  • Such agreements, also known as "nondisclosure" or "confidentiality" agreements, define certain information that an employee cannot disclose while they are working for a company.


  • Tompkins "maintains dozens of financial accounts and conducts business through corporate entities in 'nondisclosure' countries like the Cayman Islands and Switzerland," she said in a court petition.


  • Mr. Scuderi, the son of Carmelo Scuderi , who died in 2002, said the company has signed nondisclosure agreements with nine auto makers that have expressed interest, though the agreements prevent him from naming them.

    Technology That Breaks the Car Industry Mold

  • Customers who received the Goldman email on Sunday were required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    Goldman Gives Rich Clients Just 1 Week To Decide About Investing In Facebook

  • But under a 1997 state Supreme Court ruling, law enforcement could probably refuse and get away with nondisclosure almost indefinitely, using the lamest of excuses.

    Kenneth F. Bunting: Public Records Helped Free Texas Man


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