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  • adj. undiscounted


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non- +‎ discounted


  • SEE THE ENTIRE MARKET: Agents will steer you to homes from which they stand to receive a full, nondiscounted commission.

    Advantage Little Guy

  • In addition, even given the recession, paid, nondiscounted ticket sales increased to 85% of the box office last year, compared with 76% when Mr. Gelb took over.

    The Met's Media Message

  • Thus, they're much harder to gouge than the price-insensitive types that use the nondiscounted rate.

    Can't Anyone Here Play This Game?

  • And so there are relatively nondiscounted discount fares, if you know what I mean.

  • In honor of Valentine's Day, the first 20 people will receive a $14 gift certificate, good toward any purchase of a nondiscounted item made that evening.

    Local News from Wilmington Star News

  • An insurer cannot introduce any of these practices, although it can continue using accounting policies that involve any of them: • Measuring insurance liabilities on a nondiscounted basis • Measuring contractual rights to future investment management fees at an amount that ex - ceeds their fair value • Using nonuniform accounting policies for the insurance liabilities of a subsidiary 4.2

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  • Gene Maurer, the county's present insurance agent, said that although employees still could utilize Barnes as an out-of-network provider, the employees 'out-of-pocket expenses could raise significantly because the hospital's nondiscounted billable costs could exceed the plan's limitations.

    The Rolla Daily News Homepage RSS

  • Often, only the most expensive, nondiscounted prices are listed.

  • Stores will try to lure you in with their promotions in the hopes that you'll buy other, nondiscounted items.

    U.S. News


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