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  • adj. Not distressed.


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non- +‎ distressed


  • A survey conducted in June of 1,500 real-estate agents sponsored by the trade publication Inside Mortgage Finance found that 36% of all sales involve "nondistressed" properties.

    Improving Home Sales Belie Market Reality

  • That is the situation in places such as Nevada and Southern California, where new subdivisions sprouted during the housing boom but many homes never sold or entered foreclosure before ever being sold in a nondistressed transaction.

    House Appraisals Under Fire

  • Of the nondistressed sales, only 31% were what the survey described as "unforced or optional."

    Improving Home Sales Belie Market Reality

  • Lehman values the assets at $400 billion at nondistressed prices, including $300 billion in the servicing of assets People inside Lehman have begun calling this division Lamco, short for Legacy Asset Management Co.

    Lehman Considers Spinoff of Remnants

  • In Stockton, located in California's Central Valley and home to more foreclosure filings per household than any city but Las Vegas, bank-owned and short-sale homes traded for an average 12 percent less than nondistressed properties in the third quarter. -- Top News

  • "While overall prices declined by almost 5% in 2011, nondistressed prices showed only a small decrease," said Mark Fleming, CoreLogic's chief economist.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Distressed situations show housing price declines in the midsingle digits even as nondistressed properties are showing price increases.

  • The average price for foreclosures sold was $133,590, lower by over 39 percent than the average sales price for nondistressed homes.

    The News is - The News is Now Public

  • (Basically, it's a weighted average of the default rates of the nondistressed and distressed categories, with an adjustment factor for being in the upleg or downleg of the cycle.)

    Floyd Norris


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