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  • adj. Not dogmatic


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non- +‎ dogmatic


  • Lives are being changed and are souls re-inspired to reach beyond themselves and into the possibility of a greater world through peace, health, nondogmatic spirituality, and a conscious life.

    Max Strom: The Global Impact of Yoga

  • Perhaps the reason for this lies in the chief difference between religion and Western-style yoga, and that is that Yoga is usually offered in a nondogmatic format, which makes it inclusive to many more people.

    Max Strom: The Global Impact of Yoga

  • Islamic-from cosmopolitanism, which, in my view, should strive to be secular and nondogmatic, provisional and subject to revision (632).

    Notes on 'Introduction'

  • He and others fought for improved education, increased foreign investment and a nondogmatic approach to using government as an engine of economic growth in low-tax states.


  • Being a former northeast republican, but caring about who is chosen for the Supreme Court, being nondogmatic about imposing the American way upon the world except by example and caring about whether all Americans will get the opportunities and education needed to get ahead and strengthen our economy, the Palin choice was insult after injury.

    Second-Guessing the Vice-Presidential Pick - The Caucus Blog -

  • The object of that experiment is not to import some "authentic" version of Buddhism from Asia, as some believe, but to imagine a new model for religion altogether -- one that is nondogmatic, practice-based and peaceful.


  • I grew up thinking of UUism as a "universal" church, a nondogmatic religion that was so anchored in spiritual strength that one could go anywhere, experience anything in the religious world, and find some value to take home.

    Philocrites: This week at

  • He approaches the topic with some much-needed skepticism toward these 'right-minded' critics and adds a healthy dose of nondogmatic libertarianism to the mix.

    The Chicago Blog: March 2006 Archives

  • Although the main concern of monetary policy has shifted from a spreading financial crisis to a potential buildup in inflation, Greenspan continues to work in a nondogmatic way.

    He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

  • Modern-day people like such a nondogmatic approach.

    The Appeal of Buddhism in the Modern World


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