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  • adj. Not domiciled.


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non- +‎ domiciled


  • Foreigners known as nondomiciled residents, or "nondoms," live and work in the U.K. and only pay tax on their U.K. income.

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  • They consist mainly of specific tax changes that Mr. Darling announced in mid-March together with his budget plans, but also include plans to increase revenue by changing the tax regime for foreigners who live in the U.K. but claim their true home is elsewhere -- so called nondomiciled foreigners.

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  • Importantly, it also meant that foreigners who could claim "nondomiciled" status paid little or no taxes at all.

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  • A flat tax of 10% on "nondomiciled" residents -- foreigners who plan to leave the country in a few years and generate most of their income outside Italy -- could also be used to counterbalance the expected losses in revenue by attracting new, wealthy taxpayers.

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  • The government finally agreed to modify this new tax on "nondomiciled" residents.

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  • The Conservative leader's pledge was seen as an attempt to stamp out claims that the Tories rely on supporters who are "nondomiciled" for tax purposes.

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  • The tax increase comes a year after the U.K. introduced new rules for resident, nondomiciled individuals, giving them the option after seven years of residency to either pay local taxes on their earnings outside the U.K., or to pay a lump sum of £30,000 per year.

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  • When Britain's government introduced a tax in April for wealthy foreigners working in the U.K., proposing a £30,000 levy on nondomiciled residents in exchange for their not paying taxes on earnings outside the U.K., lawyers, bankers and politicians forecast an exodus of wealthy foreigners to the likes of Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland.

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  • Nor was there a reprieve for nondomiciled residents.

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  • For one, beginning next month, the government will impose a £30,000 annual levy on foreign nationals who have resided in the U.K. for more than seven of the last nine years but claim that their true home is outside the U.K. -- a status known as nondomiciled.

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