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  • n. Plural form of nondriver.


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  • Then there's climate change, which is difficult to give a price tag because it involves calculations like how much your great-grandchild's climate is worth; traffic congestion and accidents, which harm drivers and nondrivers alike; and the cost of basing our transportation economy atop a resource that undergoes wild price swings.

    How Much Does a Gallon of Gas Cost?

  • This will especially be the case with respect to communities that lack good options for seniors who cannot or should not drive: surveys show that older nondrivers are likely to make 15 percent fewer trips to the doctor, 59 percent fewer trips to stores or restaurants, and 65 percent fewer trips to social, family or religious gatherings.

    F. Kaid Benfield: Village Green: It Takes a Village to Age In Place

  • Your argument is that nondrivers subsidize drivers far more than the other way around.

    Taxing The Competition: The Socialist Solution « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • To apply for the state ID card that Indiana offers as an alternative, moreover, nondrivers must travel to a motor vehicles office, which for many would be a lengthy trip.

    Explaining How Stolen Elections Keep Obama From Being a Sure Win to a Friend in Tribal Area Pakistan

  • In such cases, the DA has the discretion to charge the nondrivers with manslaughter, but Bauer said that there was not “equitable culpability” among the three players.

    Foul Lines

  • Some nondrivers welcomed winter's wonders, but anyone who had to get behind the wheel had a very different perspective.

    CNN Transcript Dec 23, 2004

  • The Macdonalds are members of the Portland affiliate of the Independent Transportation Network, a national organization that provides both scheduled and on-demand rides for nondrivers.

    NYT > Home Page

  • "The GOP Is Responsible for More Poor Voters" (March 11), wherein the letter writer, Albert Schubert, suggests that proposed legislation to require a photo ID to vote targets "the poor, minorities, nondrivers, renters, people who have recently moved ...." - News

  • For the price of a beer for the nondrivers and a small contribution toward the fuel, they drove many kilometers off their 20-hour route from Val d'Isère, in the French Alps, to Leeds, in northern England, and stopped in London at 2 a.m. on Sunday.

    International Herald Tribune - World News, Analysis, and Global Opinions

  • For nondrivers, the Corsica rail system (www. / corse) connects northern towns

    Taipei Times


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