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  • n. Any substance that is not a drug.
  • adj. Not of or pertaining to drugs.


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non- +‎ drug


  • An electrical brain-stimulation technique used to treat Parkinson's disease and chronic pain appears to enhance human memory as well, according to a tiny but intriguing new study that bolsters hope for one day developing a nondrug treatment for memory problems, including ailments like Alzheimer's disease.

    Memory Gets Jolt in Brain Research

  • Because these drugs offer only a modest benefit even in people who have osteoporosis, those with “pre-osteoporosis,” or osteopenia, often only need to take nondrug steps—getting the right nutrients and exercising regularly--to strengthenbones and prevent falls.

    Study confirms osteoporosis drugs pose risk of thigh fractures in women

  • The calculator also provides tailored advice based on your risk level and other factors on the nondrug ways you can control your cholesterol levels, and the other ways you can protect your heart by, for example, lowering your blood pressure, losing excess weight, and stopping smoking.

    More people than ever take cholesterol-lowering statins

  • A 2011 report sponsored by the Advanced Medical Technology Association, a trade group for device makers, found that spending on a wide range of devices and nondrug supplies, a category that ranges from pacemakers to hospital beds, hovered between 5% and 6% of total health spending from 1989 to 2009.

    Study: Hospitals Overpay for Devices

  • During his tenure, the company has diversified into nondrug areas while also ramping up investment in in-house medical R&D.

    Glaxo Has Been Repatriating Euro-Zone Cash Daily to U.K.

  • Starting this year, consumers will need a prescription to buy most over-the-counter medications using money from tax-free flexible spending accounts, and certain nondrug medical supplies, including bandages, will still qualify for flexible-spending account reimbursement.


  • Yoga is one of the nondrug, nonsurgical therapies that has been shown to benefit back pain.

    4 Ways Yoga Relieves Lower Back Pain (PHOTOS)

  • Dr. Culbert and his colleagues are about to launch a study at four hospitals in the U.S. and Canada to examine in greater depth the use of nondrug coping skills in kids with cancer.

    Comforting Children Without Pills and Shots

  • With seriously ill children often taking so many medicines, parents increasingly are asking for nondrug treatments such as meditation to help their kids cope with drug side effects or symptoms of conditions from asthma to cancer.

    Comforting Children Without Pills and Shots

  • While many parents rated medication as the most helpful strategy in improving their child's condition, they said that nondrug strategies, such as changing the child's school to one that was better suited to help children with ADHD, also worked very well.

    ADHD in children: What parents need to know


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