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  • adj. Not dyslexic
  • n. Person which distinctively is not a dyslexic.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ dyslexic.


  • In the September issue of the American Journal of Neuroradiology, Berninger and her colleague Todd Richards reported on a study in which they scanned the brains of six dyslexic and seven nondyslexic boys performing three different tasks: telling two musical tones apart, distinguishing real spoken words from nonsense and picking out rhyming syllables.

    Dyslexia And The New Science Of Reading

  • Rawson's conclusions: "Conservatively one can say that these dyslexics have made at least as good records as their nondyslexic fellows." (actually the data suggested better than the general population) Rawson adds, "the evidence clearly shows that dyslexics cannot be judged to be poor risks on the basis of language disability alone."

    Eide Neurolearning Blog


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