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  • adj. Not earning.


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non- +‎ earning


  • It classifies $4.8 billion of them as "nonearning," yet it has only $975 million in loan-loss reserves. News

  • But he points out that "a nonperforming asset doesn't mean it is a nonearning asset" and that many of them would be "attractive to own" at their marked down values.

    As Values Increase, iStar Looks to Dig Out

  • Social security stacks the deck in favor of nonearning spouses and workers whose earnings are low.

    Saving The Old-Age Fund

  • I think your insights are good that converting a nonearning asset to an earning asset will be a positive effect.

  • Unfortunately, you can't purchase disability insurance for the nonearning spouse, because she doesn't have earned income.

  • Should the nonearning spouse die, hiring an outside provider to pick up child-care responsibilities would be costly indeed.

  • Bullion is a nonearning asset, meaning it pays no dividends and is worth only what someone else will pay for it.

    The Seattle Times

  • "Our asset quality has steadily improved in 2010, reflecting the success of our decision to aggressively reduce problem assets in 2009 and convert nonearning assets to earning assets,"

    Southeastern Bank Financial Corp. Reports Positive Third Quarter 2010 Earnings - Yahoo! Finance

  • Whether you go with gold or silver, we always like to remind investors that unlike equities or bonds, commodities are nonearning assets that are worth only what another party is willing to pay.

    Is There Wisdom in the ETF Crowd? - Yahoo! Finance

  • During the fourth quarter 2008, $1.1 million of loan interest income was reversed as the Company placed nonperforming loans on nonearning status.

    Latest News from SYS-CON ITALIA


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