nonegalitarian love


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  • adj. Not egalitarian.
  • n. One who is not an egalitarian.


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non- +‎ egalitarian


  • Since 1986, the vast majority of Conservative synagogues have accorded women partial or full equality in religious services, although the official position of the Conservative Movement is to endorse both egalitarian and nonegalitarian services, and both options continue to be offered at the seminary, Camp Ramah and United Synagogue events.

    Conservative Judaism in the United States.

  • An illegitimate, corrupt, murderous, intolerant, nonegalitarian, despotic regime is unable to counter the wicked, wanton HoT! sexyiful allure of Free Choice.

    What really scares the Iranian Mullahs?

  • In this sense, a sample nonegalitarian would be one who believes that people born into a higher social caste, or a favored race or ethnicity, or with an above-average stock of traits deemed desirable, ought somehow to count for more than others in calculations that determine what morally ought to be done.


  • Those who supervised the building of shrines and communal tombs, and led the rituals conducted there, assumed increasing political and social power in new, nonegalitarian European societies.

    2. Early European Farmers

  • The existing distribution of property in America and in the world is indefensible even on Mr. Nozick's and Mr. Singer's nonegalitarian premises.

    This Property Is Condemned

  • Thus the reference to "Mr. Nozick's and Mr. Singer's nonegalitarian premises" is incorrect; I do not share Nozick's premises at all, and I had nothing of substance to say about the redressing of past injustices, because I advocated that property should be distributed along utilitarian lines, and this would eliminate the effect of past injustices.

    This Property Is Condemned


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