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  • adj. Not electronic.


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non- +‎ electronic


  • While newer stock exchanges have snapped up a piece of electronic trading action, they bring less competition when it comes to nonelectronic parties.

    The Party Index Is Rallying

  • Electronics exports grew 34.9% year-to-year, accelerating from July's 25.7% gain, while nonelectronic shipments rose 29%.

    Singapore Exports Surged in August

  • The increase was mainly due to an increase in exports of nonelectronic goods such as pharmaceuticals, aircraft parts and medical apparatus.

    Singapore Reports Drop in Exports Eased in July

  • Exports to China fell at a faster pace of 13% compared with a 9.1% decline in June, due to a decrease in electronic exports such as parts of personal computers and nonelectronic items like petrochemicals and machine tools.

    Singapore Reports Drop in Exports Eased in July

  • Have other, nonelectronic forms of entertainment readily available—a musical instrument, cool games and puzzles, books of jokes and comics.

    Find Your Focus Zone

  • The Zogby exit poll for the 50th congressional district should give us some idea of the partisan spread between electronic and nonelectronic ballots. it should be ready around 8 p.m. PST

    Who is Winning; Is there Hacking or Rigging?

  • The New York Mercantile Exchange, the largest energy exchange that is almost entirely nonelectronic, is looking to go public this year.

    It's Not The Pits

  • The next two cabins were also empty, but in the fourth cabin, she found not only a body but also all manner of nonelectronic record keeping.

    First Warning

  • "No," he said, momentarily puzzled at the word -- he was third-generation and had never seen money in any nonelectronic form.

    Forever Free

  • Among winners in nonelectronic media, The New York Times was awarded for overall outstanding newspaper coverage, and Detective Comics was named outstanding comic book.

    KOLO - HomePage - Headlines


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