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  • n. Failure to engage; detachment.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ engagement


  • But Mr. Termeer should beware taking his nonengagement strategy too far.

    Genzyme Plays for Time

  • Down in the dumps herself over the tide of gossip that had accompanied her nonengagement, which lurched between the glee of the camp that was sure Rosen had not come up to scratch and the disapproval of the camp that held she had jilted yet another fiancé, she had been profoundly sympathetic to his misery over the bath.


  • People miss much of the beauty (e.g., birds chirping) and ugliness (e.g., cries for help) in the world because they are focused on a psychic limbo of nonengagement and simply don't take notice of all that is occurring around them.

    Dr. Jim Taylor: Alone in a Crowd, High-tech Style

  • For the Obama campaign now to fundraise on a mailer filled with lies that Hillary's policy is Bush's nonengagement is a flat out lie.

    In Fundraising Letter, Obama Attacks Hillary For "Standing Behind Bush's Policy Of Non-Engagement"

  • To equate Bush's policy of nonengagement with Hillary's policy pf immediate engagement on a diplomatic level as the mailer has done is a lie.

    In Fundraising Letter, Obama Attacks Hillary For "Standing Behind Bush's Policy Of Non-Engagement"

  • If Bush Sr. was able to give China most favored nation status within a year of the 1989 massacres, since "engagement is better than nonengagement" (Bush's argument at the time) then we have nothing to fear from dealing with Cuba.

    McCain To Hit Obama On Cuba Policy, Willingness To Meet With Raul Castro

  • Which raise the question if he sees Hillary's position as nonengagement, what does he see as engagement?

    Obama To Respond Forcefully To Bush's Attacks Today

  • This so-called “realist” approach would do more to advance our human-rights agenda than a policy of nonengagement and attempted isolation.

    Damascus and the Road to Mideast Peace

  • The recent announcement of peace negotiations between Israel and Syria through Turkey, and the agreement between the Lebanese factions in Qatar – both apparently without meaningful U.S. involvement – should serve as a wake-up call that our policy of nonengagement has isolated us more than the Syrians.

    It's Time to Talk to Syria

  • AXELROD: Wolf, are we going to continue down this road, the Bush/Cheney policy, the evil axis policy of nonengagement, or are we going to vigorously engage leaders in this world to push our security interests forward, to push the cause of conflict resolution ...

    CNN Transcript Jul 26, 2007


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