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  • adj. Not ethnic.
  • n. One who does not belong to an ethnic minority.


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non- +‎ ethnic


  • Paul Johnson, in his 1985 “A History of the Jews” gave a long list of prominent Jews from Heine onward who saw themselves as assimilated and nonethnic when they were young men, but then became more ethnocentric and concerned with Jewish identity as they aged.

    Matthew Yglesias » A Job for Norm

  • Within the Soviet Union, the Russian Republic was also an ethno-federal state, containing thirty-one ethnically defined units alongside fifty-seven nonethnic ones as of 1991.

    The Return

  • People familiar with his plans say he might move to liberalize some sectors of the economy, giving nonethnic Malays a larger role.

    Malaysian Leader Targets Affirmative Action

  • Or broaden your canvas to include the white, nonethnic neighbors?

    Books By Portland Authors: Diana Abu-Jaber - Reading Local: Portland

  • In the meantime, bloggers of color -- who are always aware when they are being ethnic and when they are being general or nonethnic -- have blogs which openly acknowledge the ethnicity or raciality of their points of view, and are attacked for it.


  • This year, she says, she's seen Korean flavors appearing on both high-end menus and in casual, nonethnic restaurants in cities like Minneapolis and Des Moines, Iowa -- a sign Korean is starting to catch on.

    The New Hot Cuisine: Korean

  • Donald P. Vanderdamp was paradigmatically nonethnic, as middle American as sliced white bread.

    'Supreme Courtship'

  • But tell me where I can find a quality, high-end Chinese restaurant anywhere in a U.S. urban center aimed at nonethnic diners and I will beat a path there.

    Why Chinese Food Isn't Hip

  • Would a politician get a standing ovation at a convention of the Society of Professional Journalists or some other nonethnic organization of journalists?

    Check, Please

  • At her only concert appearance in China, A-mei was billed by the government as an "ethnic minority," one of a number of nonethnic-Chinese groups the communists claim to have brought into their fold.

    Back In The Spotlight


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