nonevangelical love


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  • adj. Not evangelical.
  • n. One who is not an evangelical.


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non- +‎ evangelical


  • Moreover, if birth rates were the whole story, then evangelical growth should have been visible between successive birth cohorts, not within them, but that is also not the case.37 Finally, the long-term inertia of demographic arithmetic should have continued to push up the evangelical share of the population for at least several decades more, even after the evangelical birth rate converged to the nonevangelical birth rate.

    American Grace

  • Even among evangelical offspring—whose parents, as we have just seen, care a good deal about their children marrying inside the faith—nearly half chose spouses who came originally from nonevangelical backgrounds.

    American Grace

  • Establish endowed chairs for their outstanding scholars at nonevangelical institutions.

    St. Paul Was a Stand-Up Guy, but . . .

  • Weinstein says MRFF hears from 400 to 500 service members monthly — including Jews, atheists and religious minorities, but mostly nonevangelical Christians — who claim religious discrimination in the military, often from chaplains or officers implying that they aren't Christian enough.

    Christian Soldiers

  • But he won just one in seven of the nonevangelical participants.

    The GOP—Grand Old Pulpit

  • In contrast, only 26 percent of Roman Catholics say they have been tempted by Satan and 31 percent of nonevangelical Protestants insist that there is no such thing as the Devil.

    Do We Need Satan?

  • You know how Mike Huckabee did among nonevangelical voters?

    CNN Transcript Jan 4, 2008

  • Now, the nonevangelical voters were a minority but they're going to be more and more important, particularly in New Hampshire where there aren't many evangelical voters.

    CNN Transcript Jan 4, 2008

  • This may not mean much to a nonevangelical, but it is huge, according to DK at TPM.

    Think Progress » Right-wing evangelical leader admits “some indiscretions.”

  • MICHAEL WEINSTEIN, SUING AIR FORCE: Well, I can tell you that during the 20 months I've been fighting this thing at the academy, it was very clear that evangelical Christianity was being imposed, hardly just on Jewish members of the Air Force, but certainly liturgical or nonevangelical members of the Air Force, also, atheists, agnostics.

    CNN Transcript Oct 11, 2005


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