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  • adj. Not taking part in exercise.


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non- +‎ exercising


  • In still a third study, the goal was to increase compliance in an fitness program that was being offered to a group of nonexercising college students.

    The Power of Full Engagement

  • If they were all nonexercising smokers who ate a high-fat diet, and you have an exemplary lifestyle, you are probably more than one up on your original odds.

    Healing the Female Heart

  • "Metabolic responses to reduced daily steps in healthy nonexercising men."

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  • Both exercising and nonexercising moms showed the same, expected increase in insulin resistance that accompanies pregnancy. Top Stories

  • When the two groups and their babies were compared, the team found that women who bicycled regularly gave birth to babies who were on average 150 g (about 5 oz.) lighter than those born to the nonexercising mothers. Top Stories

  • At the end, the nonexercising group was, to no one's surprise, super-sized, having packed on an average of more than six pounds.

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  • The nondieting, nonexercising guy will have the most muscle between 18 and 25 years old.


  • What it is: One woman’s theory of why Japanese women have the lowest obesity rate in the world (3 percent) and the highest life expectancy (85 years) even though the country has “millions of stressed-out, nonexercising people who are smoking and drinking their way to early graves.”

    2007 May « One-Minute Book Reviews


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