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  • adj. Not experimental (of a research method).


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non- +‎ experimental


  • Nonetheless, nonexperimental research cannot exclude the potential effects of self-selection, that is, the possibility that some unsuspected factor perhaps even something genetic induces both religiosity and neighborliness, producing a spurious correlation, so that simply forcing people to attend church more often would not make them more neighborly.

    American Grace

  • What's not clear is how much a similar nonexperimental net-zero house would cost.

    'Net zero' house to be built in Maryland should produce as much energy as it uses

  • How much confidence, then, should we have in nonexperimental studies?

    In the Pew Instead of Prison

  • Until recently, economics was generally understood to be a nonexperimental science with a hypothetico-deductive methodology.


  • These results clearly support the hypothesis that exposure to violent video games poses a public-health threat to children and youths and is positively associated with heightened levels of aggression in young adults and children, in experimental and nonexperimental designs, and in males and females….

    Grand Theft Childhood

  • Nye said AHCCCS considers a treatment nonexperimental, and thus covers it, only if:

    AHCCCS sentences girl to death

  • We have sought and received assurances from many of the drug companies that for nonexperimental or non-newly developed drugs, which do -- it costs a fortune to develop a new drug and bring it to market.

    Presidents Remarks At Aarp Convention

  • Credit for launching the first nonexperimental regular radio broadcasting service goes to Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company for KDKA in Pittsburgh.

    Prime Time Preachers: The Rising Power of Televangelism; with an Introduction by T George Harris

  • This is because the vast majority of studies share a common weakness: they are nonexperimental. - Comments

  • The report's recommendations include an appeal for NCI to increase the amount it reimburses clinicians for the costs of managing patients and an appeal for private and public health plans to cover all nonexperimental costs of participation in clinical trials (Nass, Moses and Mendelsohn, 4/15).

    Medlogs - Recent stories


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