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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to a factory.


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non- +‎ factory


  • At 91 percent, overall employee satisfaction is among the highest of any division at Sony Electronics, factory or nonfactory.

    The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working

  • The country has thrived in this period, with gains in productivity allowing for growth in nonfactory jobs from accountants to massage therapists.

    Factories Fading, Hospitals Step In

  • Because of the relatively high value per specimen, this trade can be carried on by fewer individuals in a nonfactory setting, and it is well suited to village industry, provided there is supervision and a quality-control checkpoint.

    2 Butterfly Status and Conservation

  • -- 18TH CENTURY: THE BRACE AND BIT in its nonfactory form conforms to a general design pattern in which none of the components are ever precisely alike.

    Woodworking Tools 1600-1900

  • There isn't enough nonfactory chicken produced in America to feed the population of Staten Island and not enough nonfactory pork to serve New York City, let alone the country.

    A Striped Armchair

  • "We serve basically clean, nonfactory farming meats" that have never been given antibiotics and have never been administered hormones.


  • This self-improvement is also facilitated by night school sessions, which may cost as much as a month's salary and which the young women attend after a full shift, somehow managing the feat of showing up in a fresh change of nonfactory clothes.

    My Open Wallet

  • He said Ferrari had seen this same repair done improperly by nonfactory mechanics in other countries, too.


  • A nonfactory mechanic improperly installed "certain screw clamps that are located in close proximity to the fuel lines and that fasten the water sleeve to the thermostat connection."



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