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  • adj. Never consuming food


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ feeding


  • PUPA - The nonfeeding stage between the larva and adult in the metamorphosis of holometabolous insects, during which the larva typically undergoes complete transformation within a protective cocoon or hardened case.

    Defining Ourselves

  • Matijo adds that the draft guidelines overlook nonfeeding aspects of breastfeeding and what it takes to get breastfeeding relationships off to an optimal start, and what mothers and babies miss out on when a baby is not breastfed: A mother needs to know that when she stops breastfeeding, she loses the impact of mothering hormones. - Home Page

  • Larry Fessenden certainly seems to be channeling Martin Balsam as a private eye who goes sniffing around Peter's remote New York State home in search of the missing T.J., and there's a bit of Vera Miles in the blogger's wife (Amy Semietz) as she's dragged into the nonfeeding frenzy.

  • "This is the stage in which the insect is nonfeeding, immobile.

    The Black Ice


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