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  • adjective Not feudal.


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non- +‎ feudal


  • But he still lost, to an independent candidate from a nonfeudal middle-class background named Amir Varan, who received 57,000 votes and ousted the Owaisi family from control of the constituency for the first time since they entered politics in the elections of 1975.

    A New Deal in Pakistan

  • The appointment of nonfeudal experts to the curia regis continued, and their influence on the administration began to be decisive.


  • Second, the knights and burgesses soon realized that they held the purse strings: the Second Statute of 14 Edward III (1341), sometimes called the Statute de Tallagio non Concedendo (“no taxation without representation”) required that all nonfeudal levies receive parliamentary approval.


  • Royal finance: (1) nonfeudal revenues: Danegeld, shire farms, judicial fines; (2) the usual feudal revenues: relief (inheritance tax on great fiefs), scutage (paid in lieu of performance of knight's service).

    b. The British Isles

  • In effect, the Confirmation included Magna Carta (and other charters), with the added provision that no nonfeudal levy could be laid by the crown without a parliamentary grant.


  • It was, rather, an attempt to establish and define the rights of nonfeudal groups, and aimed at economic prosperity and personal security.

    c. France

  • Military resources of the crown: (1) (nonfeudal) the old Anglo-Saxon fyrd (including ship fyrd) was retained (i.e., a national nonfeudal militia, loyal to the crown, was used, as against the Norman rebellion of 1075); (2) (feudal) about five thousand knights 'fees owing service on the usual feudal terms.

    b. The British Isles


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