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  • adj. Not finite; infinite.


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non- +‎ finite


  • A lovely fact about English is that the subjects of nonfinite verbs are in the objective case ``I don't like him saying that.''

    So maybe Chief Justice Roberts was instinctively editing and "improving" the wording of the constitutional oath.

  • Pullum explains in precise and formal terms: "In English you can take not only an adjunct but also a predicative complement or a nonfinite catenative complement and prepose them pop them at the front of the clause for a special effect."

    Themes and rhemes and XSV: Smiled as the wonder I pondered

  • And be able to came to fill the gap of expressing ability whenever a nonfinite construction required it: one says to be able to talk, not to can talk.

    On "can be able to"

  • In both cases, a nonfinite clause requires a finite clause to resolve the inexplicitness.

    On non-ambiguities

  • Examples of this kind need to be discussed with reference to the distinction between finite and nonfinite.

    On non-ambiguities

  • This means that there is always the possibility of grammatical ambiguity whenever a nonfinite clause is used.

    On non-ambiguities

  • On the other hand, the nonfinite universe preached by the mystical theologian Nicholas of Cusa had its circumference nowhere and its center everywhere.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Thus in present-day cosmological models with “continual creation of matter” the total energy is nonfinite and the law of the conservation of energy is not enforced.


  • If the verb is negative, as in this case, the bil (mek) is dropped and only the e or a is retained. sevişdirileme ` not to be able to be made to love each other 'Me is the verbal negating affix. sevişdirilemedikleri ` they were not able to be made to love each other' Dikleri is a third person plural nonfinite verb ending.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol VII No 2

  • “continual creation” are nonfinite, but they are in - definitely large rather than infinitely large (Bondi).



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