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  • adj. Not a fossil, or not a fossil fuel


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non- +‎ fossil


  • The National Energy Agency announced in January that China plans to add 140 gigawatts of new hydropower capacity over the next five years, with the goal , outlined in the latest five-year plan, of producing 11% of its energy from nonfossil fuel sources by 2015.

    Critics Hail Admission of Chinese Dam Flaws

  • To that end, it aims to have 15% of its energy mix come from nonfossil fuels such as nuclear and renewable energy sources by 2020 from 8% at present.

    China to Promote Renewable Energy Through Subsidies

  • By 2020, more than half of the 15% nonfossil fuel share of the energy mix will come from hydropower, Mr. Zhang said Friday.

    China Outlines Energy Goals

  • Now, nonfossil fuels account for 8% of China's total energy use; the country intends to increase it to 15% by 2020, Mr. Zhang said in the report.

    China Outlines Energy Goals

  • BEIJING—China will cap its energy use at 4 billion metric tons of coal equivalent by 2015 and raise the share of nonfossil fuels in the energy mix to 11.4% under plans due for approval at the National People's Congress, China's parliament, which gets under way Saturday, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

    China Outlines Energy Goals

  • The company is banking on China's growing use of hydroelectric power: The government is planning to increase hydro capacity to 350 gigawatts per year from just over 200 gigawatts at the moment, to realize its goal of having nonfossil fuels account for 15% of China's energy mix.

    Bankers Hurt as Chinese IPOs Struggle

  • The battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the most dangerous consequences of climate change will be waged across multiple fronts, including efforts to increase energy efficiency; efforts to deploy nonfossil fuel sources, including renewable and nuclear energy; and investment in adaptation to reduce the impacts of the climate change that will occur regardless of the actions we take.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Is Carbon Capture a Pipe Dream?

  • China, along with India, has an ambitious program to develop civil nuclear power in a bid to realize its target of having 15% of its energy mix come from nonfossil fuels by 2020 in an effort to reduce pollution.

    China Halts Plant Approvals in New Nod to Safety Issues

  • Still, he said China plans to curb growth by increasing the share of nonfossil energy in total energy consumption to 11.4% by the end of 2015 and 15% by 2020, from 8.3% at end of 2010, Mr. Xie said, referring to plans to expand nuclear power, wind, hydropower and solar power.

    China Pushes Clean-Energy Agenda Ahead of Summit

  • But it has made a comeback as rising concern about energy security and global warming have increased the appeal of nonfossil fuels.

    Jinxed Plant Slows


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