nonfundamentalist love



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  • n. One who is not a fundamentalist.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ fundamentalist


  • On the other hand, comparing two people with equally fundamentalist (or equally nonfundamentalist) views, the one who attends church more often is more trusting (see Figure 13.6).38

    American Grace

  • Since then, many nonfundamentalist Palestinians have been oppressed by the puritanical prohibitions imposed by Hamas, while all Gazans have been greatly impoverished.

    Yes, Israel Can Win in Gaza

  • My view is that at a deep level there's a convergence of ethical views among the different faiths as long as you are dealing with their nonfundamentalist wings.


  • If a fundamentalist regime is installed in Baghdad or in any of the other major cities, such as Mosul or Basra, if terrorists secure substantial territory for training and sanctuaries, or if chaos and civil war mark the end of the American intervention, jihadists would gain momentum wherever there are significant Islamic populations or nonfundamentalist Islamic governments.

    An Iraqi Hugo Chavez

  • The moral zealots will, I predict, give some cause for dismay even to nonfundamentalist Republicans.

    Archive 2005-01-01

  • The teaching of creationism is now being demanded in schools in more than forty states, while the low voting turnout of other, nonfundamentalist groups increases the fundamentalists 'political influence.

    Extreme Makeover

  • Little more relevant than the publications of relatively liberal journalists in "Londonistan," the world's center of both fundamentalist and nonfundamentalist Arab immigration.

    A Failure of Intelligence

  • And it is consistent with what I know of the preconversion Salman Rushdie, in the sense that it points in the direction of a nonfundamentalist, tolerant, disputatious Islam, and indeed calls that tendency to its aid.

    Keeping Up with Salman Rushdie

  • They hold this belief in common with nearly all Roman Catholics and millions of other nonfundamentalist Protestants, and they are quite willing to join with them in the struggle for laws that would outlaw abortion.

    Prime Time Preachers: The Rising Power of Televangelism; with an Introduction by T George Harris

  • And nonfundamentalist evangelicals most likely question to what degree "Jerry's Kids" are like-or unlike-their own.

    Baptist Standard


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