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  • adj. Not harmful.


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non- +‎ harmful


  • He oversaw dispersion tests of a nonharmful version in the New York City subway system in 1966.

    Bioweapons Pioneer in the Cold War Era

  • This can sometimes be misleading, because the nonharmful forms of arsenic in fish and shellfish can give a high reading even if you have not been exposed to a toxic form of arsenic.

    Health effects of arsenic

  • The act Reubens is accused of performing during the heterosexually oriented triple feature of "Tiger Shark," "Turn Up the Heat" and "Nancy Nurse" is defined, in a 1984 report of the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, as "a natural and nonharmful behavior for individuals of all ages and both sexes."

    'His Career Is Over'

  • Crimes that don't harm, because their consequences don't make anyone worse off than they would otherwise be, such as the murder of someone whose life is not worth living or nonharmful fraud

    Mill's Moral and Political Philosophy

  • Q: Even if associations are nonharmful or beneficial, it involves risk.

    Works in progress: Mark McKenna

  • Despite this, Dronenberg argued that the cumulative effect of important recent Supreme Court decisions was to establish a fundamental constitutional right to engage in any manner of consensual, nonharmful sexual practice.

    'The Bork Nomination': An Exchange

  • Wired broadband providers will be "prohibited from blocking lawful content, applications, services and the connection of nonharmful devices to the network," and they will be subject to transparency requirements as to how their networks are managed.


  • As for broadband service delivered over wires, providers to homes or offices will be prohibited from blocking lawful content, applications, services and the connection of nonharmful devices to the network.

    NYT > Home Page

  • A vanguard of holistic veterinarians, and James A Peden, author of VEGETARIAN CATS AND DOGS, which is in its third printing, are working to help petowners transition their cats to nonharmful foods, ones which do not cause urethra blockages, feline leukemia, kidney dysfunction, crippling arthritis, lung infections and breathing problems or food poisoning.


  • Entries should be 3 minutes or shorter videos featuring children or animals in a nonharmful situation, preferably in QuickTime format. - News


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