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  • adj. That does not originate in heme


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  • This effect is especially helpful when you eat the less-easily-absorbed “nonheme” iron, found in nonanimal sources, such as tofu, spinach, raisins and fortified cereal meat, fish and poultry deliver heme iron, which your body absorbs more easily.

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  • One small study found that drinking a cup of coffee while eating lowered the amount of nonheme iron absorbed from the meal by 39 percent; a cup of tea reduced absorption by 64 percent.

    Q&A: Are coffee and tea iron-blockers?

  • Which is an example of a "nonheme" iron food source?

    The Seattle Times

  • Lorazepam is indicated for the order of candesartan hereditary {26} 4 {26} 3 as balloon of a genetic and complicated esomeprazole that may include rate of homozygous functions, act of variable anticonvulsant medications, and/or emergency of soft packets of nonheme sacred {26} 2.


  • B.; Hauer, B.; Lingens, F.; Fetzner, S.: 2-Oxo-1,2-dihy - droquinoline 8-monooxygenase: phylogenetic relationship to other multi - component nonheme iron oxygenases.

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  • Coffee, tea, and red wine can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nonheme iron, the iron found in plant and dairy foods.

    Q&A: Are coffee and tea iron-blockers?

  • (reduc - tase) and red-brown component A (oxygenase) is an iron sulfur protein [2]; two-component nonheme iron dioxygenase system of oxygenase system class IB dioxygenase: NADH: acceptor reductase containing both FAD and cloroplast-type 2Fe-2S and Rieske-type 2Fe-2S-containing oxygenase compo - nent [3];

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  • 69-74 (1987) [2] Subramanian, V.; Vaidyanathan, C.S.: Anthranilate hydroxylase from Asper - gillus niger: new type of NADPH-linked nonheme iron monooxygenase.

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  • 212000 Da a2 b2 g2 multimeric protein containing 4 atoms of nonheme iron.

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  • The three reactions are all cata - lysed at the same nonheme iron site) proclavaminate + 2-oxoglutarate + O2 = dihydroclavaminate + CO2 + 2 H2 O Natural substrates and products S deoxyamidinoproclavaminate + 2-oxoglutarate + O2

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