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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to a home (domestic residence).


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non- +‎ home


  • Now, a group is lobbying to extend those breaks to cover money received in a mortgage refinancing that is later used to pay medical bills, education loans or other nonhome costs.

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  • Of nonhome wealth top 20% owned 93% and 80% owned 7% top 20% got 60% of Total Income and 80% got 40% Main RSS Feed

  • The truly interesting graph is household nonhome net worth on the horizontal axis and number of households holding that net worth on the vertical.

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  • The data for wealth versus income for the topmost 5% of the population (by nonhome value, for example) is hard to find and tricky to analyze.

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  • Another startling statistic: 69\% of all nonhome wealth is concentrated in the top 5\% of households.

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  • Washington waited several months to vote on its ordinance because nonhome-rule communities East Peoria and Morton needed permission to increase their tax through a bill passed in the state Legislature. Home RSS

  • The (nonhome-rule New York statutes of 1873 show many examples of time-consuming trivia: “An act to provide for the regulation and licensing of scavengers in the City of New York,” “An Act in relation to a sidewalk from the Village of Albion to Mount Albion Cemetery” and “An act to amend an act entitled An Act to authorize the construction of sewers in the village and town of Saratoga Springs’” (chs.

    A History of American Law


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