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  • adj. Not being the same; different.
  • adj. Fraternal: nonidentical twins.

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  • adj. Not identical; different in some respect.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ identical


  • At the same time, on one construction, p and q, even if nonidentical, fall under a common description: they are equally, for example, “the child produced by the couple.”

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • If the merely possible, but better off and nonidentical child, is a mere figment of our imagination, then so

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • This view will give us a way of distinguishing between the situations of the two women who produce asthmatic offspring without abandoning the view that it is wrong for the parent to bring a seriously impaired child into existence in place of a better off but nonidentical child.

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • In that case, the parent's producing the impaired child in place of the better-off but nonidentical child does not wrong the impaired child.

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • Still other philosophers have suggested that both the nonidentity problem and the repugnant conclusion can be avoided by principles that require agents to create additional wellbeing “for persons” (even if not for particular persons) but restrict that obligation to the case where they can substitute in a single, better off, nonidentical child in place of the less well off child.

    The Nonidentity Problem

  • They agree with the Pitt researchers that fraternal twins raised together are more similar than nontwin siblings raised together, even though nonidentical twins are no more alike genetically than other siblings.

    Wombs With A View

  • Categorizing information allows similar but nonidentical leaders to be seen as equivalent in a perceptual structure.

    The Bass Handbook of Leadership

  • If two bacteria are nonidentical, but are highly similar and from the same strain, engage in conjugation, is that LGT, or is it just something approximating sex within a species and therefore utterly unremarkable?

    Yet another reason Paul Nelson is extremely silly - The Panda's Thumb

  • At the laser cutter this file was run to produce 1,100 nonidentical plywood pieces, each cut, drilled, and etched to determine its location in the house.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Construction, models, and pre-fab houses

  • The magnetoencephalography equipment covered the shorn heads of the nonidentical twins like bizarre space helmets.



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