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  • adj. Not indexed


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non- +‎ indexed


  • The new Nexis makes use of clustering technology, which is similar to that employed by Web search engines such as Vivisimo, but it's less problematic, since it works from controlled vocabulary, rather than algorithms applied to nonindexed Web pages.

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  • I did not have time to explore all of the indexed documentation (let alone the vastly larger nonindexed collection) of materials on Magude at the AHM but, for the kind of information I sought, the time I spent digging through DINAGECA files and boxes yielded a much higher return than did the months spent squinting at government documents that revealed precious little about women's historical knowledge or experience in the countryside.

    Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique

  • Flows to nonindexed stock and bond funds were $86 billion over the same period, or 1 percent of their starting value of $6 trillion at August 31, 2010.

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  • Another problem is there is a cost to inflation-indexed annuities: For the same amount of principal, nonindexed annuities pay higher benefits than indexed ones. Top Stories

  • His list also includes regular GICs and bonds, nonindexed life annuities, lifetime GICs or insured annuities and GMWBs. Top Stories

  • "Ten percent inflation for five years (if that were possible) would erode the value of our projected debt nicely - but along with it, the value of nonindexed pensions, people's savings, and so on," Kinsley writes in the Atlantic. Blogs Master Site Feed

  • (MySQL 5.1 introduces table spaces, with the capability of storing nonindexed data on disk.)

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  • That law’s rigid, nonindexed $1,000 limit on contributions has made it difficult to finance a campaign, because $1,000 today is obviously quite different from what $1,000 was twenty-five years ago amounting to $3,300 in 1999 money—not only because of inflation, but because television is a much more important part of the equation than it was back then.



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