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  • adj. Not indigenous; not native to an area.


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  • In 2007, Home Secretary Alan Johnson accused Ms. Hodge of using the language of the BNP, a party that advocates the repatriation of nonindigenous Britons but which has yet to gain a foothold in national politics.

    Race Shifts as Some Brits Sour on Immigration

  • His special expertise is in the relationship between consumers and their food and in the biology of species that were introduced beyond their native range (also known as alien, exotic, invasive, naturalized, nonindigenous, or non-native species).

    Contributor: Jonathan M. Jeschke

  • That fact and a widespread dissatisfaction with mainstream parties — in particular, their abuse of the parliamentary expense system — could benefit parties such as the Green Party and the British National Party, which advocates repatriation of nonindigenous Britons.

    Brown Calls U.K. Election for May 6

  • Independence Party and the British National Party, which advocates the voluntary repatriation of nonindigenous Britons.

    Gordon Brown Calls U.K. Elections

  • In the 20th century, immigration to the Arctic has increased dramatically, to the point where nonindigenous persons outnumber indigenous ones in many regions.

    The Arctic~ geography, climate, ecology, and people

  • This scenario is the equivalent of what's happening in the Everglades today because of the invasion of the exotic, or nonindigenous, Australian melaleuca trees.

    Diversity Disappears In Florida

  • There are now over 230 exotic species in the bay, and in some communities, nonindigenous species make up more than 95% of the biomass and total abundance of organisms.

    Aquatic invasive species

  • Surprisingly, the establishment of an introduced species, rather than impeding further invasions, appears to facilitate the settlement of other nonindigenous species.

    Aquatic invasive species

  • Positive interactions of nonindigenous species: invasional meltdown?

    Aquatic invasive species

  • For more information on the impacts of nonindigenous species, coastal habitats, the ecological impacts of pollution and the effects of marine industries (hazardous and radioactive substances, oil and oily wastes, litter and dumping), see McGlade, 2002.

    North Sea large marine ecosystem


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