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  • adj. Not industrialized.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ industrialized


  • Others put forward the idea that the expectations for appropriate behavior were clearer and simpler in nonindustrialized, traditional, or premodern cultures.

    Crazy Like Us

  • We don't quite believe that most of the industrialized world -- and a good part of the nonindustrialized world as well -- has better cell-phone systems than we do.

    How Long Will America Lead the World?

  • He quotes an American envoy, who said that Iran's initial post-Taliban pledge in aid and loans - $560 million over five years - was a 'startling' amount for a nonindustrialized nation.

    David Fiderer: Judy Miller, Redux. The Times Touts the Party Line on Iran By Ignoring the War on Drugs

  • U.S. and European cities have often chosen to place garages in new buildings, while older nonindustrialized cities often lack such amenities.

    World's Most Congested Cities

  • In areas where the putting-out process was not followed by industrial development, emigration drew workers into industrialized areas, resulting in a decline in population and productivity in nonindustrialized areas.

    3. Europe, 1648-1814

  • At its second congress (July 1920), it was argued that nonindustrialized, agrarian countries might skip the capitalist stage of social development by forging ties with “bourgeois democratic” parties and if supported by the Soviet Union.

    1919, March

  • For many nonindustrialized countries, and in many Asian countries, the low consumption of animal products also helps protect people from a variety of chronic diseases.

    The Best Alternative Medicine

  • This experience demonstrates that unlike deep-water craft, these ferrocement boats can be built with confidence within the lesser standards attainable in rural areas of a nonindustrialized country.

    Chapter 5

  • First, the term began to be used everywhere, even in relation to the policies of nonindustrialized societies like India.


  • There are countries which have a culture and they are quite justified in thinking that they are developed countries because they have a culture of their own, an old culture; but they may not be industrialized countries and this is why we can call them nonindustrialized countries.



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