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  • n. Absence of intelligence (thinking faculty).


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non- +‎ intelligence


  • You mean like they are doing now with their “order/intelligence cannot arise from disorder/nonintelligence” mantra in the face of the abilities of Evolutionary algorithms?

    Hunter vs. Hunt on Turf-13 - The Panda's Thumb

  • The ACLU points to provisions that permit the intelligence director to ask nonintelligence agencies to gather information for the director.

    Lawmakers Say They Were

  • The Hughes Ryan Act - Congress passes an amendment requiring the president to report nonintelligence CIA operations to the relevant congressional committees in a timely fashion.

    George Bush's Samson Option

  • The IDers also keep parroting the “intelligence cannot arise from nonintelligence” mantra despite that happening in experiments with evolutionary algorithms all the time.

    Egnor responds, falls flat on his face - The Panda's Thumb

  • BLITZER: These are serious -- When you were confronted by the I.G., the inspector general, who disagrees with you on the nature of whether or not this was intelligence or nonintelligence, you made your case but he didn't buy it.

    CNN Transcript Feb 9, 2007

  • The depiction of the intelligence cycle in Figure 2 uses “access†to cover all three types of information that can be turned into intelligence: traditional secret sources, open sources (including nonintelligence government information, such as diplomatic reporting) and the third increasingly important category of private information covered by data protection legislation (such as financial, credit, travel, passport, biometrics and communications records).

    Adrian Monck

  • "Subject P," the dispatch began, the English "R" being a "P" in the Cyrillic alphabet, "is now the target of a secret criminal investigation as part of a nonintelligence matter.

    The Cardinal of the Kremlin


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