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  • adj. Not interacting; failing to interact


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  • Since nonlinearities alone could actuate dissipation and decay in the conservation laws associated with the highly nonlinear radiation phase and since noninteracting expanding waves represent possible time-asymptotic wave patterns that could result, we propose to further investigate the possibility that these corrections to the Standard Model might be the source of the anomalous acceleration of the galaxies, an explanation not requiring the cosmological constant or dark energy.

    August 19th, 2009

  • These noninteracting branches present a serious but subtle problem for the many-worlds interpretation.

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  • The reason is that if they are noninteracting they just pass right through the sun or the Earth and continue on what ever orbit they were on.

    Early Galaxy Pinpoints Reionization Era | Universe Today

  • Only very recently, some important steps we will discuss in what follows have led to the first satisfactory formulations of a genuinely relativistically invariant version of a dynamical reduction model, which, however, covers only the case of noninteracting particles.

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  • To my knowledge this represents the first proposal of a relativistic dynamical reduction mechanism which satisfies all relativistic requirementes, even though it can deal only with systems of noninteracting particles.

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  • Texas-based consulting firm Resin Technology, which recommended Rowmark make some internal organizational changes that encouraged different departments to work together for common objectives, rather than being isolated in noninteracting "silos," as they were before.

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  • Furthermore, the book presents, for the first time, the relativistic center of mass of an isolated system of noninteracting particles that coincided at some initial time t = 0.

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  • "The Schrödinger equation itself can be applied to classical fields in some contexts, such as for a coherent matter wave of a Bose condensate or a superfluid with a large indefinite number of (noninteracting or weakly interacting) particles and a definite phase and amplitude.



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