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  • n. That which is not a language.


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non- +‎ language


  • For several weeks already, students in Soweto schools had disputed a policy change that would have forced them to study certain nonlanguage subjects such as mathematics through the medium of Afrikaans.

    'I Saw a Nightmare …' Doing Violence to Memory: The Soweto Uprising, June 16, 1976

  • Ten Things You Should Never Do in an Arab Country In This Chapter Following proper greeting etiquette Respecting places that are off-limits Displaying appropriate behavior during the holy month of Ramadan Being a good guest ross-cultural dialogue isn't only spoken; nonlanguage signs are equally important in communicating and building bridges between cultures.

    Arabic for Dummies

  • Whatever they are, our brains are able to make the right division between language and nonlanguage -- presumably the reason we can do that much is because Moth is humanoid -- but that's as far as we can go.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • It blustered theatrically, bawling him out in its active nonlanguage.


  • The accumulation of many observations of this kind where left, but not right, focal damage destroys the comprehension, as well as the expression, of language helped to give rise over the years to the so-called classic view in neurology of a dominant or major, left, language hemisphere and a subordinate, or minor, nonlanguage hemisphere.

    Roger W. Sperry - Nobel Lecture

  • Figure 5.5 illustrates some of the intra—and interhemispheric connections that explain the nonlanguage features sometimes accompanying Broca’s aphasia.

    The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry


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