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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to lead (the chemical element).


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non- +‎ lead


  • National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis said he has no plans to ban lead bullets and fishing tackle in parks but said nonlead alternatives are a good option for hunters and sportsmen .... 

    Park Service Backpedals on Proposed Lead Ban

  • On any IPO, there are various tiers of responsibility, with the book runner leading the pack, co-lead managers following, then nonlead co-managers, and finally the remainder of the underwriting team, filled out by banks that simply agree to market a portion of the offering to their customers.

    Banks Fight to Grab Reins of IPOs

  • The food producer must make sure that only safe, nonlead, glazes are used by the supplier.

    3 Packaging materials

  • Bear in mind that even with nonlead paint, you may want to wear a dust mask. - News

  • Okay, it's still a comedy, but at least the only role McConaughey will play is a producing one and possibly a nonlead part.

    ShowHype - Top Entertainment News, Videos, and Blogs

  • The Jacksons 'home was built in 1995 with water pipes made with nonlead solder. > News

  • BGA and CSP present issues such as ball pitch reduction, nonlead balls that compromise second-level reliability, narrow temperature capabilities, and obsolescence.

    Embedded Computing Design

  • Exchange Student, a big-screen comedy McConaughey will not only star in-albeit in a nonlead role-but also produce.

    E! Online (US) - Top Stories

  • California mandated the use of nonlead ammunition in all condor ranges in 2008. 911

  • But beyond the parking lots are oak-studded ranches, where thousands of ground squirrels and wild pigs are considered vermin and are shot by ranchers, who often are reluctant to switch to more expensive nonlead ammo.


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